Ploutos at the 36th EFFoST

Supporting a frozen fruit value chain of small farmers for optimising production.

9 November 2022 | Dublin, Ireland

Ploutos participated at the 36 edition of the EFFoST International Conference which took place in Dublin, Ireland.

Marianna Gkavrou, JR Project Manager at NEUROPUBLIC gave a speech on “Supporting a frozen fruit value chain of small farmers for optimising production, reducing environmental footprint and re-using data for certification and subsidies” which is directly related to the Sustainable Innovation Pilot 1 that NEUROPUBLIC coordinates and takes place in Northern Greece, with ALTERRA SAGAIA EPICHEIREIN S.A., the Agricultural University of Athens and the Agricultural Cooperative of Mandalo.

With a Focus on Innovation

The presentation focused on the technical and technological innovations implemented within the pilot, as well as the challenges faced and the means employed to overcome them.

Some of the key achievements of this Pilot were presented such as:
1. the preparation and analysis of climate / soil zones and the deployment of the IoT infrastructure for data collection and analysis;

2. the first release of the Smart Farming (SF) service and the SF advice on irrigation, fertilisation and pest management;

3. the connection of gaiasense and the systems of Alterra with Ploutos traceability solution for certification purporses;

4. the reduction of inputs use (pesticides by 56 – 65%, water consumption 36 – 70%) and the reduction of production costs by 36 -70%;

5. the collaboration between different actors of the value chain. More specifically, during the pilot’s Open Day, members of regional government, farmers and representatives of the food processing industry gathered to exchange views and explore what can be done in order to solve the identified challenges.

Round table discussion

Ploutos also participated, along with the other Sister Projects, at a round table discussion that was moderated by Katherine Flynn, ISEKI-Food Association.

Stay tuned to learn about the latest approaches, designs and outcomes in the agricultural sector and how we take action to rebalance the agri-food value chains.