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Unlocking the secrets of sustainable agri-food systems

One of the key features of the News & Events section is that it highlights data-driven innovations applied in real life, making sure that the information provided is accurate, relevant, and up-to-date. Showcasing this data-driven approach allows the project to identify patterns & trends in the agri-food industry, which in turn informs the development of new sustainable business models and strategies.

Latest breakthroughs and innovations revealed

The Ploutos project focuses on rebalancing agri-food value chains through sustainable innovations.
The news & events section is designed to keep stakeholders informed about the latest developments and breakthroughs in the field of sustainable agri-food systems, in order for them to make the right decisions.

Another aspect that is important to the project is behavioural innovation. The project’s consortium recognizes that in order for sustainable agri-food systems to become mainstream, it is essential to understand and change the behaviours and attitudes of all stakeholders, including farmers, consumers, and policymakers. By sharing information about behavioural innovations and best practices, the project hopes to inspire and motivate stakeholders to adopt more sustainable practices in their own work.

Finally, a wide range of business models archetypes (designed to show how sustainable agri-food systems can be implemented in different contexts and at different scales) is also presented in this section. By exploring a variety of business models and identifying the key elements that make them successful, the project aims to provide a roadmap for others to follow in creating their own sustainable agri-food value chains.

Creating an online space to foster change and innovation in the agri-food industry, while ensuring that project-related news are easily accessible online, is at the heart of the News & Events section.