Innovation Academy


One of the main enclosures of the Framework will be the Ploutos Innovation Academy!

The academy's role is to provide a structure for identification of opportunities, the promotion of behavioural innovation, the development of new business models, raising awareness of data driven technologies and the establishment of partnerships across the value chain.

Innovation Academy will deliver the expertise, practical experience, business modelling and ICT from the value chains engaged in 11 the pilots, through an ecosystem that stakeholders are able to get informed, co create, dialogue, discuss and demonstrate new technologies in a real world environment.

The academy will be the mechanism for supporting the implementation of innovative approaches so the agri food sector will transform into a more sustainable one.

The academy will ensure that all the sustainable oriented innovations are desireable, feasible and can be combined between data driven technologies and sustainable collaborative business models, so it will ensure its wide applicability and transferability.

The academy will enclose sustainable and digital collaborative business model archetypes as well as a guiding Sustainable Collaborative Business Model Innovation approach.

This model is farmer – centric, yet multi – actor, it focuses both on farmers and also on creating value to the whole chain. It also focuses on experimental business models and on mutuality creating shared benefits for all the actors in the value chain. Via academy this business model will be redesigned, according to the specific needs of each value chain, will be configurated in each Pilots’ needs, evaluated and only the validated ones will be documented in the form of practical examples and best practices to be adopted from the users in the agri food sector.