Ploutos 1st Newsletter
In Greek mythology, Ploutos, son of Demeter, was the god of wealth. Blinded by Zeus, Ploutos was forced to distribute wealth without discriminating.

The Project Ploutos, as in the legend, aspires to re-balance the agri-food value chains for the benefit of society and the environment.

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Ploutos 2nd Newsletter
Through 11 Pilots deployed in 13 European countries, Ploutos project empowers the whole value-chain.

From the farmer to the consumer, Ploutos benefits the wider agriculture industry, by promoting synergies and supporting collective efforts for tackling modern agricultural challenges.

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Ploutos 3rd Newsletter
Explore a few of the 11 Sustainable Innovation Pilots of the project, focused on agri-food value chains innovation.

From a new soil-passport approach to food waste prevention, these pilots aim to rebalance the agri-food landscape and empower farmers to better manage the challenges ahead.

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Ploutos 4th Newsletter

Discover the project’s Success Stories and read the key insights regarding the innovations implemented within each of the pilots.

Smart farming systems like gaiasense, and other Decision Support Systems help farmers throughout Europe manage risk and make more informed decisions that boost their productivity and help the environment.

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