Consumers, Technology and the Agricultural Transformation

Raising Awareness for the wider European community

The Ploutos H2020 project, which aims to create opportunities for changes that can rebalance the value chain in the agri-food system, is organizing an Open Day event in Northern Greece, specifically at the facilities of Arosis in Kastoria, on Friday, June 16, 2023. This event aims to raise awareness about the “Who’s the Boss” initiative, which empowers consumers to revolutionize the agri-food chain and promote sustainable practices. Moreover, participants will have the opportunity to visit Arosis’ facilities and witness the implementation of intelligent farming technologies that enhance food sustainability and traceability.

Informing the Public and Transforming Dynamics
The first theme of the event focuses on informing the public about the actions of the “Who’s the Boss” initiative, which gives consumers the power to influence the cost of products, strengthen producer positions, and advocate for environmentally friendly practices. By participating in this initiative, consumers actively contribute to transforming prevailing dynamics within the agri-food chain.

The Open Day attendees will gain valuable insights into the initiative and how they can play a crucial role in shaping a more sustainable agricultural sector.

Showcasing Agrotechnology and Traceability Solutions
Simultaneously, participants will have the opportunity to explore the facilities and farmland of Arosis, where advanced agrotechnology solutions are implemented. These technologies assist in ensuring the sustainability and traceability of food production. With a focus on intelligent farming practices, visitors will witness sensor technologies that enable optimized agricultural processes while minimizing environmental impact. From precision farming techniques to data-driven decision-making, Arosis is a great example of how the use of agrotechnology can transform the agricultural landscape.

Matchmaking for Business Opportunities
The second theme of the event involves targeted matchmaking sessions aimed at exploring entrepreneurial agreements within the realm of agrotechnology. The ultimate goal is to create favourable conditions that facilitate the evolution of innovative agro-tech solutions into commercially viable products. Interested participants will have the chance to engage with representatives from NEUROPUBLIC, a technological provider, and the PETA initiative. These one-to-one discussions are open to anyone interested in agrotechnology, smart farming, traceability, and innovative business models, including farmers, industry partners, and consumers.

Join the Ploutos H2020 Open Day
If you are interested in participating in this insightful event, we encourage you to express your interest by visiting the following link:

Don’t miss the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the world of agrotechnology, explore sustainable agricultural practices and contribute to the transformation of the agri-food chain. 

Join us on June 16, 2023, in Kastoria, Northern Greece.