Embracing the Future of Farming and Viticulture

Open Day in Cyprus; Where innovation meets tradition

Parallel to the development of new tools and practices in agriculture, the wine industry is also undergoing a transformation that embraces precision agriculture for viticulture. The goal is to improve efficiency, productivity, and the overall quality of wine. Through the implementation of digital technologies, such as the Internet of Things (IoT), winegrowers can access solutions that assist them in the decision-making process, enabling them to adapt their production methods effectively in their vineyards. These technologies are being implemented in the innovative Oenou Yi Winery OMODOS – Ktima Vassiliades in Cyprus.

Organized as part of the Ploutos_H2020 project and the Open Innovation Labs, the highly-anticipated Open Day for Sustainable Innovation Pilot 7 is scheduled for tomorrow, July 11th, 2023. This event is open to anyone interested in staying up to date with the latest advancements in sustainable farming practices and exploring the potential of smart technologies in the field of viticulture.

One of the highlights of the Open Day will be the field visit in the Oenou Yi – Omodos winery, where participants will have the opportunity to explore the NEUROPUBLIC smart farming system up close. This cutting-edge system leverages advanced technologies to optimize crop production and enhance resource management, contributing to increased efficiency and sustainability.

The Ploutos H2020 project, dedicated to rebalancing agri-food value chains through sustainable innovations, will be presented during the event. Attendees will gain insights into the project’s progress, particularly focusing on Sustainable Innovation Pilot 7. Additionally, the connection between Ploutos and the Econutri European Project will be presented, as well as with the Internet of Grapes EU Project.

The spotlight of the event will be on the presentation of the applied smart farming services, including e-label and traceability solutions for the wine industry. These innovative technologies offer tremendous potential for the viticulture sector. By utilizing e-labels, producers can enhance traceability, ensuring that consumers have access to accurate information about the origin and quality of the products they purchase. Browse the agenda of the event in the document provided below and join us for an inspiring journey into the world of sustainable farming.

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