A Sustainable Innovation Framework to rebalance agri-food value chains

Ploutos H2020

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Ploutos aims to create opportunities for changes that can rebalance the value chain in the agri-food system towards a more environmentally, socially and economically sustainable system.

Until recently approaches to the agri-food system focused on narrow segments of the overall value chain. Ploutos will take a systems-based approach looking at the overall impact of changes at any point in the value chain, thereby enabling a more comprehensive and in depth understanding. To achieve that Ploutos will use the Sustainable Innovative Framework!




Sustainable Innovation Framework

The project aims to create more environmentally, socially and economically sustainable opportunities in the agro food sector.

This procedure, requires new ways of thinking, working and cooperating. This systemic approach refers to the project as Sustainable Innovation Framework and its main purpose is to provide a toolkit for assessment and adaptation to these changes according to its three dimensions: behaviour, collaborative business model and data driven technological innovation.


Ploutos Innovation Academy

The academy's role is to provide a structure for identification of opportunities, the promotion of behavioural innovation, the development of new business models, raising awareness of data driven technologies and the establishment of partnerships across the value chain.

Academy will deliver the expertise, practical experience, business modelling and ICT from the value chains engaged in 11 the pilots, through an ecosystem that stakeholders are able to get informed, co create, dialogue, discuss and demonstrate new technologies in a real world environment. The academy will be the mechanism for supporting the implementation of innovative approaches so the agri food sector will transform into a more sustainable one.


Sustainable Innovation Pilots

The 11 pilots are focused on innovation implementation and co-design, pilot, validation and assessment of the approaches against their economic, environmental and social performance along the agri food sector.

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Practice Abstract – Sustainable Innovation Pilot 7

Practice Abstract – Sustainable Innovation Pilot 7

A collection of all the outcomes & recommendations derived from Ploutos Sustainable Innovation Pilot 6 shows that precision agriculture ensures overall soil health and enhance sustainability.

In Focus: Ploutos Innovation Academy

The Ploutos Innovation Academy (PIA) is a virtual space where mutual knowledge exchanges around sustainability-oriented innovations (SOIs) take place. PIA has the potential to establish an effective participatory methodology for the development of sustainable solutions and knowledge-sharing that can pave the way for the transformation of the agri-food supply chain.

Tasting Success: Innovative Agri-food Pilots share their inspiring Success Stories

Tasting Success: Innovative Agri-food Pilots share their inspiring Success Stories

Ploutos project has the potential to significantly impact agri-food value chains in a positive way. By keeping trck of the sustainability impact of the pilots deployed within Ploutos and by effectively communicating this information, we aim to demonstrate our commitment to driving positive change in the agri-food industry.

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