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Open Day Webinar

A webinar you can’t miss!

Sustainable Innovation Pilot 2 is organising a free Open Day webinar which will take place this Thursday 24 Novembre, from 2.30PM to 4.30PM.

This is the perfect opportunity to stir the discussion to parametric insurance technology and how it can be used to solve some farmer’s issues.

An overview of the project and the work carried out by all stakeholders of the project will also be presented.

What is parametric insurance?

In recent years, product innovation and data analytics have expanded the scope of commercial insurance solutions to offer coverage for a wider range of threats, exposures and perils.

With its transparent and fast claims payment and ability to offer a payout without actual physical damage to an asset, parametric or index-based solutions are often brought to the table of discussion when covering hard to insure risks.

Fundamentally, parametric (or index based) solutions are a type of insurance that covers the probability of a predefined event happening instead of indemnifying actual loss incurred.

In other words, it is an agreement to make a payment upon the occurrence of a triggering event, and as such is detached of an underlying physical asset or piece of infrastructure.

Ploutos Open Day 24 November 2022

The European project Ploutos, aims to rebalance agri-food value chains by introducing sustainable innovations that have a considerable economic, social and environmental impact.

For these changes to happen, Ploutos deploys a series of 11 Sustainable Innovation Pilots (SIPs) that implement these innovations in real life scenarios.

Open Days (both in physical locations and online) is a mechanism used by Ploutos to demonstrate SIPs outputs and best practices to the general public, media and other stakeholders. Essentially, the goal is to demonstrate the innovations implemented and their potential added value for the agri-food sector and to maximize the project’s impact.

In this case, Sustainable Innovation Pilot 2, is organising an Open Day Webinar to showcase the ways in which it aims to improve the efficiency of the entire durum wheat supply chain in Italy with the collaboration of CeTIF, Horta S.r.l.Barilla Group and Con.Cer.

The SIP leaders will present the various activities carried out within the pilot and analyze the different technologies (parametric insurance on blockchain protocols, data collection via IoT and Decision Support System, algorithms and oracles) used to support and improve the entire supply chain of durum wheat, from farmers to consumers.

A unique opportunity to connect!

Join us to learn the various activities carried out within this sustainable innovation pilot regarding the different technologies, ask questions and meet the people responsible behind the innovations.

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