Pilots’ Latest News: Partners’ innovation workshop, food donations and more

Through the past weeks, Ploutos’ partners from the Sustainable Innovation Pilots (SIPs) in Greece, Cyprus, Serbia and North Macedonia, shared exciting news about their growth and how they make sustainability in the agri-food sector possible.

Greece is one of the most prominent European countries that produces honey. Because of its unique richness in varieties of plants and conifers, the Greek honey is known for its soothing properties that protect the human body. Ploutos’ SIP in Greece has published a new questionnaire, where consumers have the opportunity to create the honey they want, supporting at the same time the Greek producers and bees. Through that, local farmers and companies, will generate new income and provide healthier food options to the people!

Moreover, the partners working within the SIP in Cyprus, organised an innovation workshop in the island! They conducted interviews for gaining more insights and knowledge about the Pilot, along with behavioral changes on the ground. Throught that SIP, Ploutos will make possible the creation of a labelling system, that will promote the wine’s quality and information to the consumer. This will be achieved through traceability and smart farming solutions, that will support the region with more money and jobs!

In the European Union (EU) it is reported that 88 million tonnes of food are either lost or wasted every year. Ploutos’ tackles this issue, through the SIP in Serbia and North Macedonia where an application for food donations has been created. Through that, it was announced that more than 150 meals of salads and soups have been donated to the International Committee of the Red Cross in Čukarica, along with healthy food such as cereals to the Food Bank Macedonia!

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