Farm to Fork 2021 Conference

The Farm to Fork Strategy is an essential part of the European Green Deal! It is an initiative of the European Union to support the global transition to more sustainable agri-food systems, making them fair, healthy and environmentally-friendly. Research and innovation, together with advisory services and financial instruments constitute the development of this plan.

This Strategy aims to boost sustainability in every aspect of the agri-food value chain. Starting from food production, following its processing, distribution and consumption, it will ultimately lead to significant food loss reduction, enabling at the same time waste prevention.

The 2nd annual event, namely the Farm to Fork Strategy 2021 Conference will be held this year, in the days of 14 and 15 of October. This year’s Conference will focus on the Strategy’s progress so far, as well as initiatives foreseen in its action plan.

The agenda of the 2021 Conference will be announced shortly, so stay tuned to our social media platforms Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, to find out more about the registration process!

In case you have any questions regarding the conference, you can contact the European Commission representatives through here: