PLOUTOS Partners Testimonials: Matter & Importance

PLOUTOS main purpose is to help re-balance the agri-food value chain and enchance its sustainability. For that reason, it has established a Sustainable Innovation Framework, which is fueled by behavior innovation, collaborative business model innovation and data-driven technological services.

They say that “change starts from the inside”, and the PLOUTOS project advocates exactly that. PLOUTOS’s partnerships are as important as its initiatives, but what do the people that work to bring innovation in the front and center, think about the project?

We asked our partners about PLOUTOS’s matter and importance, because no one knows better than someone who is “behind-the-scenes” of the innovation experiments and takes an active role on bringing sustainability to the agri-food sector.

Have the first peek at their testimonials, on the benefits that PLOUTOS can bring to the agri-food world, concerning food quality and production!

Stay tuned for more!