EU Green Week Partner Event 2021

On May 27 unfolded the “Collaborative and Circular Food Systems to Reduce Pollution and Improve Health” EU Green Week Partner event!

The 2021 edition discussed the strategic agenda that the EU has developed regarding more sustainable and environmental friendly solutions in the agricultural sector, aiming towards the vision of the EU Green Deal. The event started with an introduction by the European Commission on H2020 issues such as project partnerships, followed by a presentation concerning the Farm2Fork strategy that aspires to positively alter the agri-food zone until 2030.

Adding to that, PLOUTOS along with FOODRUS, CO-FRESH, FAIRCHAIN and LOWINFOOD presented their own visions, activities and solutions regarding sustainability in the food sector. PLOUTOS in particular driven by its sustainability-oriented innovation touched upon issues such as the reduction of the environmental footprint, the improvement of soil health and carbon farming and the development of ecosystem service payments, among others.

In general, topics around the role of research and innovation in the Farm2Fork strategy, waste reduction, data availability and possible challenges concerning the COVID-19 pandemic were addressed, with the panelists agreeing towards a multi-actor approach, such as the collaboration between PLOUTOS and the other partners that can have pragmatic influence on reaching the goals of the strategy.

You can watch the recording through ACR+ YouTube Channel, the EU Green Week Partner Event’s moderator, here.

In the links below you can also view the presentations of each partner individually!






EU representatives: Mihai Pera and Louis Vivas