EU Conference on Sustainable Carbon Cycles

Carbon is an essential element found everywhere; from our atmosphere, to the food that we eat. In spite of this, carbon emissions have a major impact on the environment, as they increase the concetration of CO2, that contributes to climate change. The European Union (EU) aims to be climate-neutral by 2050 and reach net-zero greenhouse gas emissions, as part of the European Green Deal and the Paris Agreement of the United Nations.

On January 31, 2022 the European Commission will host a virtual event on “Sustainable Carbon Cycles” and the certification of carbon removals. Speakers such as Frans Timmermans (Vice-President of the European Commission) and Janusz Wojciechowski (Commissioner for Agriculture), together with various experts will share their experiences and lessons learned.

Ploutos goes hand-in-hand with the EU regulations on limiting carbon emissions and helping tackle climate change through its Sustainable Innovation Pilots in Italy and the Netherlands. The project aims to rebalance the value-chain by rewarding farmers who save Carbon Credits (CCs) through proper management, while also develop a technology that will compesate those who optimize carbon sequestration on their land.

You can find more about EU’s conference and registration process below!

Date January 31, 2022