Powerful Policy Recommendations at SCAR AKIS Meeting in Prague

The context

On March 3, 2023, the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic hosted the second meeting of the 6th mandate endorsed by the SCAR plenary in December 2023. This meeting focused on discussing the implementation of the CAP AKIS Plan, AKIS in EU widening countries and beyond, AKIS responding to challenges, AKIS for rural innovation, and AKIS for co-innovation.

Ploutos EU project was one of the projects invited to present their findings at the meeting. Ploutos findings focused on the need to increase transparency across the agri-food value chain, with the help of technology and the human component. The importance of bi-directional communication was also emphasized. Communication pathways should be established connecting farmers to food industry and retailers. Moreover, Ploutos highlighted the need to strengthen the role of independent third parties, and the importance of providing financial support to promote the adoption of sustainable practices. Additionally, Ploutos called for a reform of the insurance system, to cover damages resulting from the transition to sustainable practices.

Ploutos at SCAR AKIS

Ploutos presence at the meeting was crucial as they were one of the three projects presented in the SCAR AKIS meeting around the co-innovation topic. The presentation discussed policy recommendations for a sustainable agri-food sector, alongside the FAIRCHAIN and CO-FRESH projects.

Ploutos‘s recommendations are vital for the future of agriculture, as they aim to support sustainable agriculture through the CAP by defining more specific and performance-driven indicators. They also propose a reform of the insurance system to cover the risks involved in the transition to sustainable practices.

It’s important to point out that policy recommendations can have a significant impact on the future of sustainable agriculture in Europe. Concepts such as transparency, bi-directional communication, and the role of independent third parties are vital for the sustainability of the agri-food value chain. That’s why the process of transitioning to more sustainable farming practices is a long and complex process that requires the participation of all stakeholders in the sector. Awareness must be generated and knowledge must be shared to ensure that the necessary changes are made. Participating in meetings such as the SCAR AKIS is crucial as it provides a platform for different actors to share their experiences, discuss challenges and opportunities, and develop solutions together.

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