Successful projects that analyze agri-food value chains & propose sustainable innovations


From co-creation to intervention for the improvement of sustainability in agri-food chains.


The H2020 CO-FRESH project works on improving sustainability in fruit and vegetable agri-food value chains in Europe, including high-protein products.

CO-FRESH includes 7 pilot cases, bringing together the main value chain actors in specific working groups to co-create innovative solutions that improve economic, social, and environmental sustainability in each case.

After months of work in identifying reference business models, reviewing the state of the art, socio-economic and environmental analyses and consumer surveys, working groups have held co-creation sessions to analyze the current situation of value chain for each of the 7 pilot cases.

In line with the CO-FRESH approaches – sustainability-oriented innovation – a list of sustainable innovations was proposed, including product, processes and management.

For an innovation to be truly sustainable, a comprehensive perspective is needed. Understanding and valuing all the actors of the agri-food value chain, from producers to consumers, and taking into account all the action stations (processing, transformation, packaging, storage, distribution and sale).


Innovative technological, organizational and social solutions for FAIRer dairy and fruit and vegetable value CHAINs


Do you know what an Intermediate Food Value Chain (IFVC) is? Watch the 3-minute video introducing the FAIRCHAIN project, here and find out how to combine the best features of short and long food value chains.
FAIRCHAIN is the short name for, “Innovative technological, organisational and social solutions for FAIRer dairy and fruit and vegetable value CHAINs”. FAIRCHAIN aims to develop intermediate food chains via scaling-up small and mid-sized actors and encouraging down-scaling of conventional and larger actors.
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Multi-actor of low waste food value chains to reduce food loss and waste


LOWINFOOD is already getting its first results of the work being done for the validation of the portfolio of innovations and presenting them in workshops and conferences. Concurrently, it has launched its project video. Watch it, you will learn about the main challenges we are facing regarding food loss and waste, the objectives of the project and the action we are carrying out to tackle all these challenges!