Traceability solutions covering the Horticulture Greenhouse Value Chain in Spain

The problem

When it comes to horticulture in Spain, there is a traceability disconnection between preharvest and postharvest, that produces difficulties for linking automatically all the data managed in the whole value chain. Apart from that, there is also a lack of Data Intelligence across the value chain, which would allow implementing Smart Farming and Industry 4.0 processes. There are also a lot of information supported on paper, that make it difficult to manage and benefit from the data and no appropriate methodology as well as procedures for managing each step of the value chain. In addition to these, there is a lack of integrated control across the value chain for assuring information to the customers, such as environmental care, social impacts and eco-friendly management.

The solution

The solution to the problem will be addressed with a mixture of technological, social, entrepreneurial and insitutional innovations! 

Firstly, an IT platform will be deployed, in order to cover the whole value chain, which will focus on a horticulture greenhouse value chain in Spain and change the actual procedures and methodologies, applying innovative actions for improving all the steps across the value chain. The IT platform and the processes will be designed for UNICA group, an innovative second-degree cooperative of farmers that concentrates a great number of farmers and several industrial facilities, essentially covering the whole supply chain. As a following, the deployed IT platform and designed processes will help starting a data chain within the targeted value chain in order to assure healthy products, sustainability and good social impacts to the consumers through a set of data gathered and compiled in an optimized way using this IT platform.

The Innovations

Technological: Integration on one IT Platform of all the technologies needed for tracing all the data managed across the whole value chain, for optimizing the impacts on the environment and for improving the economic yield. The platform makes use of Big Data technologies enabling data intelligence and applies a paperless solution.

Social: Measurement of the social impacts and introduction of these data in the traceability information to show to the end-users.

Organizational/Entrepreneurial: Improvements on the organizational processes across the value chain for speeding up the managed information in an integrated mode.

Institutional: Paperless project. Support of all the data on IT Platforms in order to improve the decision criteria.

Other: Management improvement across the value chain. Change of the management criteria based on data driven technologies in order to improve the environmental care and the economic yield.


Economic: Resources consumption optimization and yield enhancement.

Social: Improvement of the employee’s conditions and promoting of auxiliary industry.

Environmental: Resources consumption reduction that impact directly in the environment (CO2, water consumption, fertilization, Phytosanitary application, chemical application on each step of the value chain, etc.).

The partners