Sustainable Innovation Pilot 4

Traceability solutions covering the Horticulture Greenhouse Value Chain to improve overall efficiency,sustainability performance and brand recognition. - Spain

SIP4 focuses on the horticulture greenhouse value chain in Spain, addressing challenges such as need for improvements in each step of the value chain, providing the technologies for assuring the provision of sufficient information to consumers, the improvements to minimize the impact on the environment and maximize economic yields.

Challenge: The traceability disconnection between pre-harvest and postharvest, lack of enough data for supporting decisions for pre-harvest and post-harvest processes and lack of Data Intelligence and integrated control across the value chain.

Sustainable innovation pilots activities:

a) UNICA group will deploy an IT platform to cover and apply innovative actions for improving the steps in the value chain, in two demo farms to manage all key pre harvest data and in selected Agroindustry facilities (processing, packaging, warehousing, commercialization and logistics) owned by two agri-cooperatives connected to UNICA, to manage all key postharvest data. Thus, the products will be tracked across the whole supply chain.

b) Create a data chain within the value chain in order to assure healthy products,sustainability and good social impacts to the consumers.

c) Test and calibrate the solution.

d) Data evaluation according to the defined KPIs.

e) Changing the methodologies that the end-users are now using for measuring the performance and implementingan innovative methodology based on data driven platforms and sustainability actions.

The contribution of the pilot to the three sustaibanility pillars of Ploutos will be the following:

economic (1)


Resources consumption optimization and yield enhancement.



Improved employee’s conditions and promoting auxiliary industry.



Resources consumption reduction directly impacting the environment.

The contributing partners are the following: