Sustainable Innovation Pilot 7

Supporting wine producers in taking advantage of the changes in labelling regulations - Cyprus

Small wine grapes producers and wineries need ways to increase their efficiency, reduce costs and get better prices to match good sustainability practices they apply. An opportunity could arise from regulatory changes. The wine value chain would like to include other information to promote their products to the consumers, presenting the added value of their products in terms of quality, locality and applied good sustainability practices.

Challenge: To support the local wine value chain in adopting sustainable best practices based on relevant research
and taking advantage of the aforementioned opportunity.

Sustainable innovation pilots activities:

(a) Establishing a wine grapes production support mechanism, combining a human component with researchers and agronomists of ARI and the Gaiasense Smart Farming (SF) solution, which will be applied in the vineyards of “Oenou Yi” estate.

(b) Connect the aforementioned with the Ploutos traceability solution, using GS1
standards to feed the collected data to a digital labelling solution, to promote the related product quality and sustainability information to the consumer.

(c) Collaborate with Filagro Group exporting company to reach new high-price markets. d) Design the mechanism for replicating this across Cyprus with the help of ARI.

The contribution of the pilot to the three sustaibanility pillars of Ploutos will be the following:

economic (1)


Additional revenue due to higher price achieved from the digital labelling approach. Pesticides reduction leads to production costs reduction, while producing a higher quality product.



More profitability for the local wine producers supports the region with more money and jobs



Pesticides reduction leads to less chemicals in the soil and the water, and less irrigation leads to reduced water consumption.

The contributing partners are the following: